Why Japan bleak future?

Whenever I come to Japan, I can see a lot of Japanese people who have downcast eyes, despondent look and glum face.
Comparing to Indian whom I see here, they are vigorous, having vibrant personality, animated conversation, frisky nature, exuberant spirit, ebullient character, which is totally different from Japan.
When I arrive at Haneda Airport, I feel despondent mood. It is so different from India atmosphere and Japan atmosphere which is quiet and monotonous.

What happened to Japan?

I think people in this country and this generation have been changed due to some reason particularly working salaried workers taking on the company style for long term stint.

They are wondering whether I am not cut out for this job. enthusiasm has worn off and in the office and daily work, they shy away from making mistakes and always clam up at the meetings.

Some people try to carve out their careers by drawing on their experiences, and flirt with the ideas how to jump at the chances.  But unfortunately, it does not pan out well. SO it  cancels out hope. Then he will chicken out and brood over his past success. Finally, they cop out of life.

If they are in their late 40s or early 50s, they are in hot water and in a catch-22 situation to mull over for going out or remaining in the same company until retirement age. The retirement is 60 years old and they are still capable to work physically in good health by sweating it out to the end and slaving away. Reflecting his past working career, keeping his nose to the grindstone and working himself to the bone, he cannot keep his head temper and goes to pieces.

This is the typical Japanese workers mentality.