Spectacular place, Oman!

This week, I visited Oman for 5 days.
The purpose is to have some business meetings, but I spent one day for sightseeing.

I extended to visit 150 km location from Muscat.
There,  I could see gigantic mountain strata laying obliquely having pinnacle of 2000 m.
In order to enter the area, there is a security gate and security guy is checking the vehicle should be 4WD. Normal vehicle can not enter.
The mountain road was magnificent, which is well organized and much better than Japanese mountain road.  But must use 4WD reason is, in the past, a lot of traffic accident happened due to out of control of high speed vehicle by Omani drivers.

After getting up to zenith of mountain, there is gargantuan plateau from where I could saw 3000 m level mountain afar. Amazingly, even in middle east countries, there is this kind of abundant natural tourist attractions.
Maybe you cannot imagine this kind of mountain area exists in Oman.

In the case of Dubai, there is only desert of just teeming with sand.

But in Oman, there are mountains and beautiful sea and beach where you can do scuba diving. It has sea and mountain both.
When I saw the mountain landscape, I felt very cool of 18 centigrade a little bit cold, I was mesmerized and captivated by the impeccable pristine scenery which is breath taking and epic and colossal nature. This place show the story of earth billion years history, which describe vividly. There is also gorge and river. It is just like Grand Canyon in the US.


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