AI will annihilate your job in the future.

AI means Artificial Intelligence.
According to Economic Times paper today, the article of ” AI Can Just Disrupt Labor  Mkt”
heralds of advent of mass job-less situation.

For mediocre people who is doing your mundane life and humdrum routine job everyday,

let me kindly point out it is a big tribulation for you in the future.
You will lose your job because of AI.
Even now you may feel forebodings about your future.
But I surmise from various data and information what will happen in future society .
Social implication of development of AI will spawn huge labor market crisis as the article
corroborate the prediction from some experts statements ( you can down load the article).
Unless you take your action immediately now, you would fall into a quagmire of poor life plight.

Do you know the aphorism ” Heaven helps those who help themselves. ” , don’t you?