The dawn of new age

The advent of coming new age would engender the social ramification in all areas.

Some times, disintegration of existing system may happen. That would be  legacy and you will see it just the vestige of the past, if you retrospect the now after several years.
The rift between rich and poor is widening more and more. In this situation, are you ready to brace for the change of implication?
Only way to survive the future is to challenge aggressively and positive attitude with not losing your composure. Some people may have antipathy toward the change.

Recently, we faced the upshot of  referendum in Osaka municipal government. The result is typical proclivities of normal citizen and epitomize current Japanese mentality.  
I am very worried about the situation. If we don’t change, we cannot survive this unstable, fickle and mercurial world.

But in Japan, they are isolated in closed society and they don’t see what’s going on in the world.
I hope before something big happen, they would come to know and realize seriousness.