Welcome this legislation for anti-air pollution

I have been living in Bangalore more than 6 years.
Compared to 6 years ago, year by year the traffic in the city has become worse and worse teeming with tremendous number of vehicles running and  being appalled number of autorickshaws if you visit and see the first time in Bangalore. On the road everywhere in the city, cars, bikes and autos are crawling including caws.
If you see the sight this traffic thronged with vehicles, you may feel it like swarming with insects.
Accordingly, the air pollution became obnoxious. Already in Delhi, the air pollution is corroborated worst in the world by WHO,  which is social stigma.

But the good news is that the state government is considering new legislation of banning 2-stroke engine autos running in the city. Because, 2-stroke engine spew out repugnant smell smoke.

Anyway, if you download and see the article below, you will understand better.