Why Japanese are so slow to decide ??!!

What is the image toward Japanese people?
Demure? Self-effacing? Bashful?  Or meek?
It is often said that Japanese are so different from other country people, when foreign people come to know some Japanese as such as friends, colleague, business partners or clients, that they feel embarrassed.

One of the reason is, the nation is isolated island surrounded by water of Pacific Ocean and be protected from enemy from outside.

Historically, mediocre people were not used to associate with foreigners. 

After country being opened to foreign nations by Meiji Restoration in 1868, people had been familiar with outside country people.  
So since then they are not so good at talking and understanding them.

One of the symbolic phenomenon is Japanese are not so good at speaking English though they study 6 years ! in middle junior high school and high school days. 

There is word which is often used in Japan, that is ” Ishin denshin”  which means understanding each other without exchanging any words. It is almost telepathy.

That’s why even in the meeting they don’t express their opinion. Sometimes,  when it comes to boss’s instruction to subordinates, the boss does’t instruct concretely and doesn’t say much using less words.

This kind of culture often gives impression to foreigners to make them feel inscrutable.
Oh! Japanese are so enigmatic, cryptic and mystical.

Another mystifying situation is in business area.

When Japanese visit foreign countries for business, they are coming together with company colleagues not coming by single.
But most of them don’t speak out and say nothing in the meeting only just sitting.

Their only job is sedentary job. He contributes nothing.
During the meeting, the counterpart may suspect why he is coming all the way from Japan because he doesn’t say any comment.

What his role?  Why he spends a lot of money for business trip?

That seems mystical experience for foreigners.

Foreigner counterpart expect quick decision due to all concerned person appear in the meeting and business talk will go smooth anyway.

But more amazingly, after some insinuating and equivocal answers
and finally Japanese counterpart does not decide on the spot in the meeting.

They say ” after coming back to Japan and talk with headquarter, we will inform you later.”

What a surprise and be confounded by the meeting result, with a feeling they don’t decide now? !   Foreigner side in their mind they corroborate meeting with Japanese are waste of time in the future. This is really buffing moment.

So, they have started to feel disappointment Japanese are not worthwhile negotiation.

That’s why many foreigner feel Japanese are so slow to decide. 

But I can say this situation is only the case of Japanese big company.





Mahindra Reva, Driverless Car Planning

What is a good news for India EV market!

According to today’s Times of India news article, MahindraReva is ready to join an elite league of well-known companies such as Google, Tesla, BMW and Audi for driverless project.

I know the founder of Mahindra Reva Mr. Chetan Maini and I will meet him next week, I want to convey my message to him this is excellent news for the company.

As you may know Elon Musk is now leading the EV industry in US ( he has also amazingly set up Space X !!),
on the other hand Mr. Chetan Maini was told as an India Elon Mask.

But in India, EV industry is not so prosperous at this moment.
The consumer is not so interested in expensive EV car. But Reva EV car E2O is not so expensive from Japanese price point of view, actually I assure.

Because of bleak future of natural energy resource remaining stock, all people on earth has to consider renewable energy alternatives. One of vibrant option is solar energy. some one deem negative, but any other better options?  Having said that, of course, our hero Elon Musk has already taken precautionary measure and set up the company named Solar City.

Considering what is happening in the world, which may not appear on the surface, but the progress is definitely under way normal people  can not recognize.
I’m sure India EV industry will be a leading industry sooner or later. Because, I fed up India’s air pollution is bad as in China or worse by living in India, I feel everyday and getting worse and worse, which means India government will have to take an action and situation will force them.

Anyway, new technology and trend is coming up gradually. New industry will obliterate legacy industry.
You know what happen to Sony, the company was told excellent company only just 5 years ago.
But now they are suffering huge loss.
Considering no excellent company will survive for ever, even to Toyota, Maruti Suzuki and Honda which are legacy automobile industry, what will happen to them after 10 years nobody knows.

There is the famous script” innovation dilemma “, they might be following the epitome exactly.
After some time 10 years down the road, I can give speculation to those companies what will happen then, they might face ordeal in that time, but it will be late if they don’t come to realize now.