What is the Singularity and happens after 30 years

Do you know Ray Kurzweil name?
In the US, he is famous guy. But in Japan, he is only known by few.

Recently, Japanese economy is said lackluster. Moreover, Japanese people mentality is downcast.
Discrepancy between rich and poor is more expanding further year by year.

Can you imagine that SONY which were said excellent company is suffering huge loss and facing excruciating situation now? This is very symbolic fiasco corroborating there is no exception of even excellent company lasting euphoric time for ever. 
In order to avoid bleak future of the country, only solution is innovation. 
Nobody dismiss the importance of innovation. However, on the contrary, particularly said-excellent companies are facing “innovation dilemma”, because they cannot forget the past success and sticking to legacy way which worked well at that juncture. They cannot get out of the comfort zone. Then gradually, they are getting into deep pitfall and when they come to realize, it will be too late.

In Japan, that almost nobody knows Ray Kurzweil name is showing the Japan’s current situation, which means nobody envision the future after 20 years to 30 years from now on.

The singularity will happen around 2045, which one single computer capability exceeds all human brain of 9 billion. Ray Kurzweil deduce the future from the fact what happened in the past decades and extrapolate what will happen 30 years from now using such as Moore’s Law.  His envision is very convincing for me.
Some people may say it is too optimistic view, but considering current situation what is happening such as driverless car or auto driving ( Google experiment is well known. ) Wearable computers and  robot technology.
I am sure, after 30 years, things which mediocre person cannot imagine will happen.
Whether you can survive in the dramatic future is only up to you and  how you can be ready from now.