IIT coming to Bangalore, expected

After central government announced the sanction of IIT in Karnataka, almost everyday newspaper is taking up.
Of course, the name of Bangalore ( now officially name changed Bengaluru ) is well known in the world as IT hub.

I remember the day when I came to Bangalore first time, I was amazed such a lot of US IT companies had already been located in Bangalore. At that juncture, I worked for US company Fidelity subsidiary company. I had stayed less than 1 year as expat in Bangalore in 2006.

Fidelity had capacious own building accommodating thousands of Indian IT engineers.  On the other hand, Japanese companies are almost nothing. After around year 2000, famous US IT companies were aggressively coming to Bangalore. Now becoming worldly famous Indian company Wipro and Infosys originated in Bangalore.

Having said that, Bangalore is gargantuan giant city which produce IT resources, which has many colleges or universities of prodigious talents already.

In addition to the situation,  if unmatched technology school like IIT coming to Bangalore ( location is not decided ) will happen, the name of Bangalore will skyrocket.

As a bangalorian who has been living more than 6 years, I am looking forward to IIT coming here.


Today’s Times of India paper shows interesting article. There start controversy where IIT should be located.
I put news clip and you can download the article.