very cool ! Tesla car!

Hove you ever watch Tesla car?
if not, please watch the site and movies.  You can change the image of ( EV )Electric Vehicle.

Tesla Mortar Site

I want to buy EV if I can buy a car now. But still it is eye-popping price around 80,000 USD.

But it is sports car not normal car. So let’s compare with Mercedes, BMW, Audi like luxurious car.
They are not so different from price point of view.
Particularly, for upscale consumers who can buy opulent goods like exorbitant pricey watch, lavish all around oversee traveling, eating out in inordinate restaurant, purchasing Tesla car is nothing for them. That’s why in the US movie star, famous celebrities are rushing to buy the car.

Above all, the Tesla car exhaust no CO2. For eco-friendly and environmental conscience people, EV is must buy.

If you see the structure, it is very simple with very few parts comparing legacy petrol car.
I am sure sooner or later, the price will plummet drastically within 5 years.
At that juncture, legacy automobile industries will suffer huge predicament unless taking some measure. Innovation is excruciating for those who does not make an effort and procrastinate to improve the current situation. After 10 years, if you regret why I did not take an action and I should have done something earlier, it will be too late.
As history shows a lot of excellent companies were annihilated.